Saathi is thankful of great holy guru Sh. Bhole JI Maharaj and Mata Mangla Ji for their valuable support & Blessings.
Janambhoomi kala kendra
Saathi is having a separate wing of young Artists and performers to promote the cultural Activities by the name of JANAMBHOOMI KALA KENDRA . All the activities of Janambhoomi Kala Kendra are materialized under the supervision of it’s Director - Rajender Bisht who is also the Founder of Saathi Samaaj Utthaan Welfare Society.

J.K.K. is very old cultural group performing all over India for last 15 years. It got merged with Saathi in the year 2006 when the Society was Established in Haldwani, Uttarakhand. Since then the Kendra has done more than 50 Stage Shows/programs, Plays and also has made about 10 Video films, 60 video songs and 100 Audio Songs.

The Artists of J.K.K. are the students of Saathi. They learn here the basics of Indian Music and Dance through the Musicians and Choreographer who are the Senior Gurus and members of the Society. After getting fully trained, they are selected for particular program according to their choice of field viz., dance, singing,dramas, acting in films. JKK has three level of Artists –

1) Artist of International Level : These are our top level artists who have performed In so many countries of world in the festivals, cultural competitions and harmonial meet organized by Indian Government and foreign organizations.
2) Artist of National Level : These are our middle level artists who usually performs In India in different cultural shows organized by State Auhorities, local organizations, Event organizers, local Welfare Associations and RWAs.
3) Artist of Basic level: These are our fresh and learners. They are not sent to perform in big programs but they are given chance to act in Kendras own meets and in-house cultural shows.

Janambhoomi kala Kendra is having a group of about 50 top class Artists. They can perform all folk dances of India. We have a special group of ‘Dancers of Uttarakhand’ – Folk of Dev Bhoomi. Who have done more than 60 shows in different localities where the people of the great Bhoomi are still engaged to keep their culture alive. It is our responsibility to promote the culture and to preserve the Articles of Artistic Interest. We have focused our activities towards achieving these Goals .

JKK has prepared so many Own Programs and Productions that provides a large variety of Cultural Services for the different level of audiences. These includes:-
a) Cultural programs of Folk Singing and Dancing of Uttarakhand.
b) Cultural programs of Folk Singing and Dancing of North Indian States viz.,Haryana, UP, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh.
c) Folk dances of other Indian States viz.,Rajasthan, Bihar, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Bengal, Maharashtra, Manipur and Sikkim.
d) Ramlila of 10 days in Hindi/Awadhi. e) Ramlila of 3hrs in Hindi/Awadhi.
f) Krishan lila of 3 hrs.
g) Classical dances (Kathak, Bharatnatyam,Kathkali and oddisi)
h) Bellay dances of Hindi classical songs .
i) Stage Shows of Gazals and Bhajans singing
j) Stage shows of Sufi Singing and Quawaali.
k) Sai Sandhya, Jagran/Chowki.
l) Mimicry shows and Kalbelia
m) Feature Film
n) Comedy films and Educational films.
o) Documentaries and Video songs.
p) Audio Songs of Uttarakhand.

Apart from these programs, Artists of JKK can form any type of cultural items within a very short period according to the demand of organizers . It is the reason that this group has gained such a wide Recognition in India and abroad in such a short period. The secret of the success of JKK is - Its Team work, dedication of its gurus and Artists and the spirit of promoting the Culture of own Nation.

Programs list
Program Name Action
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