Saathi is thankful of great holy guru Sh. Bhole JI Maharaj and Mata Mangla Ji for their valuable support & Blessings.
We think that Education is the Back-bone of every Society. Therefore, Team- Saathi is deeply engaged in forming such type of Educational Programs that may equip the youngsters with the spirittual, social and cultural values.

We have started it from our own members with a focus on improving their own characters and Life-style. In the coming year, Saathi is going to organize so many Seminars and Camps on ‘Spiritual Education’ for the youngsters to make them a Truly Indian Citizen. It has plans for the Programs on ‘ Yoga and Physical Fitness’ to be organized with the help of some Yoga and Schools of Physical Educations, in different towns of India.

Saathi has prepared a wide program for providing the Educational Aids to the children of weaker section and poor family. In this context, from the year-2011, the society has started to give the Educational Aid to 5 poor children every year and the number of children would be increased according to the availability of funds.

The Society is planning for opening a separate unit – ‘Saathi Kalyan Kendra’ in Uttarakhand for giving Free Computer Education to the students of poor families. A resolution in this regard has been passed in the meeting of it’s Executive Committee in June, 2012.

 It is also going to organize special Educational Camps in the backward villages of Uttarakhand where there is no school at all. In the coming years, it is planning to open its own schools in such backward areas.

It has prepared programs to organize small Educational camps In Slum area of big cities to teach them the importance of Education in life. Here the members of society will be stressing more on the education of mothers/ ladies as we think they are the better guides of their kids.

The society uses also its Media-Strength for spreading the Education in the society. This great job is being done by it’s Cultural wing – JANAMBHOOMI KALA KENDRA, through it’s Stage shows, cultural programs, plays, films and documentaries. The comedy film – Kalyugi Aulaad, directed by Rajender Bisht is a good example of this initiative of the society